• Indirect tax

Indirect tax

As governments around the world look to raise additional revenues to plug shortfalls, many governments have shifted away from corporate, income, and payroll taxes. Instead, they’re raising revenue through ‘indirect taxes’, such as value added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), sales and local taxes, customs and excise duties, and so on.

The introduction of new indirect tax regimes and changes to existing regimes can create significant challenges for most business. Though certain indirect taxes are not a bottom-line cost for many clients, the compliance requirements can be complex and there can be an impact on cash flow. Our Indirect Tax Services team has deep knowledge about indirect taxes in the 167 countries and territories who form our global organisation.

Simplifying global indirect tax compliance 

Are you feeling under pressure to meet ever increasing demands by governments to file indirect tax returns and, in many cases, additional transactional data? Are you struggling to keep up with the changing requirements and deadlines in each country?

How we can help you with your indirect tax compliance

Businesses rely on us to overcome these indirect tax challenges efficiently and effectively. They benefit from working with an experienced and dedicated team of indirect tax advisers supported by cutting edge compliance automation technology. 

Drawing on backgrounds in international supply chain management, our specialists focus on the key technical tax issues underpinning an organisation’s operations. Through sophisticated automation software we can provide essential compliance support that delivers both cost and operational efficiencies for your business.

Find out more about indirect tax compliance automation and how our technology can help.

Our tax professionals can help you manage your indirect tax compliance burden and we can help you put strategies in place to ensure an efficient approach to the varied challenges created by indirect taxes. We provide an integrated approach to help you manage your indirect tax issues across jurisdictions.

Our services related to indirect taxes include:

  • Providing advice for minimising VAT/GST cash flow issues and the chance of being subject to interest or penalties for non-compliance
  • Developing and implementing appropriate indirect tax strategies
  • Providing advice about the implications of indirect taxes on real estate transactions
  • Assisting with the implementation of efficient processes to avoid customs duty costs and cash flow issues
  • Training staff on specific indirect tax-related issues
  • Preparing ‘bad debt’ relief claims to recoup VAT overpaid in insolvency situations
  • Preparing technical tax submissions to tax authorities with respect to indirect tax issues
  • Engaging with tax authorities on your behalf in the event of an indirect tax audit

To talk to your local BDO indirect tax expert, please visit the BDO website for your country.