• Our Purpose

Our Purpose

This is the very essence of BDO, because people’s dreams matter to us.

Our motivation is to help people get to where they want to be – whether that’s our colleagues, our clients or in the communities we are part of.

BDO has a clearly stated purpose - our WHY - which makes BDO unique. It puts into words why BDO exists and is our global organisation’s fundamental reason for being, what defines us. 

As BDO continues to grow in reach, headcount and revenue, our WHY shapes how we work with our clients, support our colleagues and help our communities succeed. It helps us make better decisions for ourselves and for all our stake­holders, individually and as a global organisation.

What can you do to bring our WHY to life?

  • Be proud of our WHY ! It’s why BDO exists and it defines how we are different
  • Think about how you can demonstrate our WHY in how you behave
  • Look around you: celebrate and support your colleagues in living the WHY
  • Be willing to commit time to getting involved in your firm’s WHY activities
  • Take the time to read our WHY stories here

Purpose-driven organisations do better. They are more ambitious, they attract and retain the right talent, they inspire innovation and are able to make faster decisions. Crucially, they are more trusted. Why? Because they know exactly why they do what they do, and who they are doing it for.

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