• Indirect Tax News - Issue 1/2016

Indirect Tax News - Issue 1/2016

01 April 2016

It was recently announced that VAT is being implemented in the United Arab Emirates from 1 January 2018. The rate will be 5%. Healthcare, education and some basic food items will be exempt.
The VAT will be implemented across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain). Unlike the UAE, the other GCC countries have not yet announced whether they are going to implement VAT on 1 January 2018 or on 1 January 2019.


  • UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: The UAE implement VAT from 1 January 2018
  • KUWAIT: Potential introduction of VAT in Kuwait
  • ARGENTINA: Turnover Tax - The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation favors the development of industrial activity
  • BELGIUM: VAT and distance sales
  • CHINA: Customs implications for royalties
  • COLOMBIA: VAT reform 2016
  • FINLAND: Rulings regarding parent company's right to recover input VAT
  • GERMANY: Latest decisions of Germany's Federal Court of Finance on VAT groups
  • HUNGARY: Focus of the tax audit in 2016 - Increasing number of VAT inspections
  • IRELAND: VAT reverse charge - gas, electricity, gas and electricity certificates
  • ISRAEL: Global companies with Israeli subsidiaries and global internet companies - Be aware of Israeli VAT
  • ITALY: VAT credit refunds for non-resident companies / Italian changes to the EU transactions regime
  • JORDAN: Rates of Goods and Services Tax
  • NAMIBIA: Recovery of taxes from third parties and appointment of an agent by the commissioner
  • NETHERLANDS: Prevent tax interest and prosecution by filing additional tax returns on time
  • NORWAY: VAT changes for 2016
  • PANAMA: VAT withholding on non-resident companies
  • ROMANIA: Force of attraction of the head office in Romania
  • SINGAPORE: Claiming Goods and Services Tax (GST) incurred before GST registration
  • SOUTH AFRICA: New South African Binding General Ruling for electronic services
  • SPAIN: VAT refund to non-established companies / Spanish Supreme Court ruling on import VAT deferment
  • UNITED STATES: Sales tax nexus in the US - An overview
  • VIETNAM: Government focus on indirect taxes