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By David Butcher and Andrew Viner | 11 July 2019

Why Blockchain Won’t Fix Online Advertising’s Biggest Problems – Yet

Ask just about any group of online advertising executives, creatives or technical staff about the future of the industry, and the conversation is likely to gravitate toward blockchain technology. Some see it as a saviour capable of fixing some of the industry’s biggest...

By Marc Reinecke | 25 June 2019

What Approaching Grid Parity Means For Investment In Renewable Energy

In a few, short years, renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels will produce energy at a price that is equal to or lower than that of fossil fuels. The approaching grid parity, as it is called, is great news for renewable energy. Counterintuitively, it may...

By Scott Rodie | 03 June 2019

Why US technology companies are heading to Australia to IPO

BDO advised US technology company Life360 in connection with its recent successful IPO on Australia’s stock exchange (“ASX”). The Life360 IPO represents a trend of foreign companies choosing to IPO on the ASX that could gain further momentum as the exchange looks to solidify...

By David Butcher | 13 May 2019

How Crypto Is Disrupting Existing Business Models

2019 looks set to be a year where the effects and ramifications of cryptocurrencies impact more and more industries and business models. The most significant impact could, potentially, involve Facebook launching its own cryptocurrency. A move that, according to Barclay’s...

By Alexandra Hardy | 01 May 2019

How To Improve VC Funding For Female Technology Company Founders

When looking at the situation for female founders of technology companies, one statistic in particular stands out to me. A recent study of 350 companies showed that female-founded companies on average received less than half the funding ($935,000 vs. $2.1 million) compared to...

By Alexandra Hardy | 15 April 2019

What is the current situation for women in technology in Canada?

Bio: 20 years of experience in the financial industry. Member and regional leader of BDO Canada’s national technology and life sciences group. Has received the CPA Ontario Award of Distinction, which recognizes members who have made an early impact through leadership and...

By Nicole Martin | 04 April 2019

What is the current situation for women in technology in the UK?

Name: Nicole MartinBio: Audit Partner in BDO UK’s national technology and media practice. More than 20 years’ experience providing business assurance and advisory services to start-ups and private equity-backed companies.

By Jane Evans | 21 March 2019

How Two German Technology Giants Are Actively Encouraging More Women In Technology

Two of Germany’s biggest software companies are proactively encouraging more women in technology. Only some of their initiatives are in-house, and all stand to improve long-term profitability.

By Teresa Morahan | 18 March 2019

Pointing Fingers At What Women Start-up Founders Need

Let me start with the good news: the situation for female founders of technology start-ups is generally improving. Pitchbook data shows that US female-founded raised £7 billion through the first half of 2018. However, the statistics clearly show that there is still a long way...

By Sam Moody | 13 March 2019

Why Cybersecurity needs more women

The need for more diversity is not limited to women, we are an industry with a global skill shortage and we require diversity of all forms. With a diverse workforce we get a diverse viewpoint – we can consider things from various points of views and provide solutions to...