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By Teresa Morahan | 15 June 2022

How start-up companies are revolutionising carbon tracking and reporting

As ESG and sustainability solutions become need-to-have across business operations and industries, market growth is attracting more investors and multinational technology companies. Carbon tracking and reporting start-ups illustrate the boom in climate technology funding, M&A,...

By Patrick Bisceglia | 18 May 2022

Perfect storm for cybersecurity leads to rising M&A activity

Cybersecurity is a driver for the impressive technology, media, and telecoms (TMT) mid-market deal activity in the first quarter of 2022. Much points to continued high activity levels in both mid-market and cybersecurity.

By Paul Birch | 11 May 2022

6 things you can do now to reduce business risks around your IT systems

BDO Head of Digital Data Collections and Investigations Paul Birch says keeping track of your digital assets and authorisations could be key to minimising risk.

By Jonathan Rowan | 26 April 2022

From the power of 5G to the end of the SIM: a conversation with Sierra Wireless CEO Phil Brace

BDO Partner Jonathan Rowan discusses the IoT and its connectivity solutions with Sierra Wireless Chief Executive Officer Phil Brace.  

By Tom Mannion | 25 April 2022

How interest rates, inflation, and geopolitical uncertainty influence TMT M&A valuations

Technology, media, and telecommunication (TMT) companies are keenly aware of rising inflation and interest rates. Their influence on valuations is an eagerly discussed topic for both companies and investors.

By Jonathan Rowan | 25 February 2022

The future of telecoms and expansion of fibre networks: Interview with Jonathan Rowan

Jonathan Rowan, Partner at BDO in UK, considers the fast-changing world of the telecoms infrastructure and fibre sectors, highlighting the latest trends in telco investment.

By Dan McGeown and Laurie Dicker | 14 February 2022

Why transfer pricing is critical for the world’s premier tech hubs

Transfer pricing rules can be a central component for investments in the world’s premier tech hubs. Each hubs’ unique setup and legislation can impact both companies and investors.

By Peter Smithson | 07 February 2022

Where will Netflix head after computer games?

Consolidation, content wars, and new technologies are driving trends behind consolidation and M&A in the TV, film, and entertainment industry. Media giants are busy building out their platforms, thereby creating challenges and opportunities for fast-growing entrepreneurial...

By Peter Smithson | 24 January 2022

International tax incentive and grant options for the creative industries are near-endless – so how to choose?

TV and film productions may be eligible for more tax incentives and grants than many expect. Incentives and rebates – and related audit and tax documentation requirements - vary on a country and even state level.

By Vinesh Bharadwa | 18 January 2022

The evolution of Ed-tech: trends to watch in 2022

Vinesh Bharadwa, Partner at BDO, discusses how the evolution of Ed-tech has transformed the education sector forever.