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By David Ellis | 16 January 2023

Five trends defining TMT companies’ reward and remuneration strategy

Increased focus on ESG, productivity, and “doing more with less” are among the trends identified in BDO’s reward and remuneration survey covering the technology, media, and telecoms (TMT) industries.  

By Ian McBane | 07 December 2022

Why Moonhub is the name of the game in virtual reality training

Moonhub’s  Vinh Ly, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, and Karim Ramadan ElSayed, marketing and communication strategist, discuss virtual reality training.

By Ian McBane | 17 November 2022

Female entrepreneurs discuss women in technology

BDO speaks to CEO and founder Cherilyn Tan, KYC Hub co-founder Farnoush Mirmoeini and X0PA AI founder and CEO Nina Alag Suri on working in tech.

By Patrick Bisceglia | 13 November 2022

Investment and M&A point to next-generation upskilling and EduTech solutions

Education and upskilling technology (EduTech) is a growing market, showing increased M&A and investment activity as technologies like AI and VR look set to define the future of the space.

By Ophir Zilbiger | 08 November 2022

How the new normal creates cybersecurity headaches for telecoms

Work-from-home, 5G, IoT, and cloud solutions increase telecoms' revenues – but also their cybersecurity risks. Losing control of sensitive data or IT systems can be costlier than ever before, and telecom companies look to new technologies and solutions to bolster their...

By Tom Mannion | 25 October 2022

What is the impact of the US lagging on 5G?

5G is much more than a faster way to stream Netflix. The technology is pivotal for networks to support the Internet of Things (IoT), driverless cars, and much more. China may have the upper hand on the US where 5G is concerned. The question is if the US can make up that lost...

By Stephen Moorcroft | 17 October 2022

Fintech: how vendor due diligence helps PE investment

Transaction Services Associate Director Stephen Moorcroft says fintech companies might want to take the initiative on due diligence before talking to private equity.

By Tom Mannion | 21 September 2022

How AI and the Internet of Things change the game for telecoms

Virtual humans and intelligent, automatic fraud detection are among the upgrades AI and IoT can bring to telecoms. Lower operational costs, broader service portfolios, and new revenue streams await companies able to implement AI and IoT-driven upgrades successfully.

By Tom Mannion | 24 August 2022

Will cloud-native finish what Skype and WhatsApp started?

New technology may outdate massive 5G investments before the next-generation networks are even completed. Along the way, technology and cloud companies could emerge as direct competitors to telecoms.

By Jonathan Rowan | 09 August 2022

Hyperscalers and micro-scalers: how BT is reinventing partnerships large and small

BDO Partner Jonathan Rowan discusses plans for hyperscale and start-up partnerships with BT executives Meg Blight, Start-up Partnerships Director, and Stephen Hall, Director of Strategic Partnerships.