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By Jakob Sand | 02 January 2019

How To Speed Up Payments In The Construction Industry

On average, slow or delayed payments add around 3% to construction projects’ general costs. That’s equal to an extra yearly bill of around $40 billion. Some of which may be your construction company’s money.BDO’s construction industry experts have identified several strategies...

By Ian Shapiro | 14 December 2018

What To Do With The 95% Of Data Construction Companies Throw Away

The construction industry has a big data problem. Not when it comes to creating it but with collecting said data and then putting it to good use.  

By Jakob Sand | 07 December 2018

BDO Analysis: Construction Tech M&A – A New Frontier But The Same Old Song?

Explosive growth in the number of construction technology start-ups is mirrored by increasing M&A activity. Analysis of data from the BDO M&A database shows that construction companies are increasingly involved, making more, and larger, construction technology acquisitions.

By Jakob Sand | 21 November 2018

Six Charts That Reveal What Analysts Think About The Future Of Energy Storage

Where is the market for energy storage headed? Will it grow? And if so, by how much? What will happen to the price of storing energy?All questions that have a substantial impact on future M&A.

By David Butcher and Jakob Sand | 01 November 2018

Blockchain’s impact on the future of real estate and construction companies

For the real estate and construction industries, sensors, data and automation will increasingly define construction projects, as well as cityscapes. Illustrated by the fact that there are currently more than 1,000 on-going smart city projects around the world. 

By Jakob Sand | 29 October 2018

These Technologies Show That The Future Of Energy Storage Isn’t (Only) Batteries

If you were to crown a king of storage technologies, batteries make a strong case. Battery storage is dominating the news and showing strong funding and M&A figures. However, many other energy storage technologies are currently in play.The graphic below shows some of those...

By Jakob Sand | 04 October 2018

Seven Reasons Why Utilities Are Investing In Energy Storage Technology

Utilities’ investments in distributed energy companies is gathering pace. Not that it was trundling along by any means. In Europe and North America alone, investments between 2010 and 2016 totalled close to $3 billion.

By Jakob Sand | 03 September 2018

Why More Money Could Mean Your Mobile Phone’s Battery Will Keep On Sucking

An iPhone X is more than 20 times as powerful as the first model. However, in some ways, it’s almost less mobile than its ancestor. Apple’s battery problems have been making front page news, and led the company to issue what I would categorise as a formal apology.

By Jakob Sand | 13 August 2018

BDO Data Illustrates Why Energy Storage M&A Is Headed For An Explosion

BDO data for M&A in the energy storage space shows growth in activity levels. A closer analysis of the data – and industry - shows several signs that point toward rocket-like accelerating M&A activity in the coming years.

By Jakob Sand | 25 July 2018

BDO Analysis Shows When Driverless Cars Will Arrive – But Does That Matter?

Car companies, ride-hailing services and car industry technology suppliers each have their own prediction for when driverless cars will be ready to take to highways and city streets. I carried out an analysis of the predictions and found that driverless cars will arrive...