• Risk advisory services

Risk advisory services

The BDO Global Risk Advisory Services (RAS) practice is committed to sharing the knowledge and best practices it has gained from years of experience. Operating across a network of 154 countries and territories around the world, BDO has the global reach to support your risk advisory needs and objectives.


BDO provides a range of compliance services that includes Sarbanes-Oxley and other similar regimes such as JSOX, as well as covering regulatory matters. By aligning compliance programmes with organisational strategies and objectives, we assist clients in establishing a compliance programme with greater accuracy, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Our methodology can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing compliance processes.

With a global footprint spanning 154 countries and territories, our professionals leverage the network’s broad regulatory and industry experience to deliver comprehensive regulatory compliance services.


BDO assists organisations to achieve reliable performance and continuous improvement of their operations by providing controls optimisation and business process enhancement and improvement services. Whether the goal is to improve productivity and reduce costs, leverage new business models and technology or avert risks within current operations, our experienced professionals can increase the returns of business process enhancement initiatives.


BDO advises organisations on their approach to designing and implementing an enterprise risk management (ERM) function that is practical and cost-effective.
We assist clients by providing internal audit services, which enable organisations to leverage our methodologies, technology and experienced professionals to deliver a proactive, risk-based function. Some of the enterprise risk management and internal audit services that we provide include:

• Enterprise risk management programming design and implementation
• Risk management maturity and performance
• ERM audit
• Business risk assessment
• Corporate governance assessment and design
• Internal audit start-up and transformation
• Internal audit outsourcing and co-sourcing
• IT internal audit.


With full support from an organisation and proper implementation, an effective anti-fraud programme can serve to significantly reduce the risk of fraud and increase the likelihood that, if fraud does occur, it will be detected at an early stage. BDO’s fraud prevention services assist in promoting best practices designed to promote an environment that reduces the risk of fraud and allows it to be exposed early should it occur. Experienced fraud investigators developed BDO’s fraud prevention practice based upon skills and insights gained through conducting numerous fraud investigations. Anti-fraud programmes help organisations identify, remediate and monitor the specific risk factors that set the stage for fraud. Anti-fraud programmes can also aid in the resolution of criminal and civil penalties, if and when they occur.


Organisations face a variety of corporate governance concerns as well as intense internal and external scrutiny. A strong ethical foundation is required to support an appropriate culture of corporate governance. Our professionals assist clients by conducting corporate governance assessments and by providing design and implementation services. We assist our clients in developing more effective governance through the use of meaningful policies and procedures, incentive programmes, process and control monitoring, and educational programmes to ensure improved corporate governance.
Our professionals also assist clients in developing strategic organisational frameworks that can help clients conduct self-assessments of their existing corporate governance practices.

The BDO Risk Advisory Services practice works closely with clients to assist in the management of risk and the achievement of strategic business objectives through proper internal control systems. Our professionals provide the value-added risk management capabilities needed to mitigate business risk, support business strategies and continuously improve operational performance.

We understand the unique needs of our clients and work with them to provide custom services using our methodologies and experienced staff. As a trusted business adviser, we hope to continuously demonstrate our value by assisting our clients with their operational, technical and strategic needs.

The following shows the breadth of offerings that the BDO Risk Advisory Services practice can provide.

Compliance service

• Controls optimisation
• Corporate governance assessment
• Human resource compliance
• Government regulations
• Attestation services such as IASE 3402.

Technology risk and security

• Security assessment and architecture
• System controls and effectiveness
• Technology and strategy alignment
• Business continuity planning
• Disaster recovery planning
• Privacy and data protection
• Vulnerability analysis and testing.

Internal audit services

• Risk assessment and audit plan development
• Enterprise risk management
• Internal audit outsourcing and co-sourcing
• Information technology audits
• Internal audit creation and transformation
• Quality assurance reviews
• Vendor, royalty and construction audits
• Fraud/forensic investigations.

Business process enhancement

• Operational performance assessments
• Business process integration
• Project management office reviews
• System implementation support reviews
• Financial analysis and modelling
• Special accounting projects.



• Professionals with significant experience in a wide range of sectors and industries
• Continuous collaboration and support
• Focus on issues that are important to you
• Communicate in your preferred manner.


• Hands-on partner involvement
• Responsive, knowledgeable sounding board to address and resolve your concerns before they become issues.


• Listen, understand, and proactively address your concerns
• Promote regular, ongoing open discussions to build efficiencies
• Develop working relationship by understanding how your team ‘likes to work’
• Create a constructive and productive working environment and strong relationship.


• Outcomes that are tailor made to help you achieve your objectives in a sustainable way
• A true partnership between client and adviser.