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09 September 2021

Indonesia’s fast-growing Fintech ecosystem has been largely driven by a proactive government that has introduced rules in areas including peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, digital payments, and most recently open banking, in hopes to encourage innovation and improve financial inclusion. This favourable...

01 June 2021

Israel is home to an innovative culture and a leading global Fintech ecosystem, experiencing accelerated growth. Competition on the world stage has highlighted the importance of a robust regulatory system to make Fintechs more competitive and Israel is securing its place by enhancing the...

08 April 2021

Publications: Rethink Fintech: Singapore Singapore has found itself at the epicentre of Fintech in South East Asia thanks to a series of carefully executed strategic policies, enterprising founders, and a thriving digitally ready ecosystem. Though it is much smaller in size compared to its...

01 March 2021

BDO has developed the RETHINK framework to assist companies, including in the Fintech space, respond to the global pandemic. The framework helps businesses react to the immediate fallout of COVID, increase resilience and best position themselves to realise their full potential. Outside funding...

05 February 2021

Organisations within the financial services sector face a changing landscape marked by various factors including COVID 19 regulatory reform, disruptive technology, and new service delivery channels. B&Is also face new governance concerns, intense internal and external scrutiny, and a mounting...

28 December 2020

A Global Valure Chain ("GVC") analysis can help you gain a clearer picture of the role and significance of each of those value drivers and ensure the group’s tax strategy is aligned with the value creation story.Download the brouchure or visit the global service page for GVC to learn more on our...

21 December 2020

For companies able to navigate the immediate effects of COVID-19, many new opportunities await. Customer behaviour will undoubtedly change, and a ‘new normal’ will have increased focus on digital solutions, such as contactless payments and algorithm driven lending systems. At the same time...

02 October 2020

While the current uncertainty in the US has halted much business growth, the transformative change that the adoption of Fintech can bring to meet consumer needs has been clearly demonstrated. While challenging times are ahead, the COVID-19 crisis has opened up opportunities for Fintechs - not...

02 September 2020

The UK is a global hub for Fintech companies, with London as its epicentre. As the Pandemic unfolded during the first half of 2020, it has been inspiring to follow how Fintech companies across the country have adapted to the impact of Covid-19. It has been a testament to the UK’s ability to...

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