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    Working with you to design your strategy for operating in China and Europe

BDO has established a European China Desk to provide the strategic, operational and technical guidance necessary to ensure the successful design and implementation of any China strategy. (Read more below)
BDO’s European China Desk, comprising both European and Chinese nationals, has significant experience and knowledge of executing China business strategies over the short, medium and long term. Together with close collaboration with our BDO member firms in the Greater China Region (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan), the team provides co-ordinated expertise and support across our key advisory, planning and compliance services:
• Corporate Finance
− IPO advisory and reporting accountant work
− Mergers and acquisitions
− Financial and operational due diligence
• Taxation
− Domestic
− International
− Expatriate
• Business Outsourcing Advisory
• Audit and Assurance
• Forensic
− Valuations
− Forensic investigations
• Business Restructuring.
For businesses considering a move to Greater China, we can help you think through matters such as overall strategy and objectives, supply chain and market perspectives, deciding on the right corporate structure and investment strategy, tax planning matters, choosing the most appropriate location, recruiting senior management, selecting and implementing financial reporting systems and generally providing significant support and assistance to what can be a difficult process.
For established companies, our wide range of services noted above is available to support ongoing development and growth.
For China businesses considering a move to Europe we can help with identifying suitable targets, negotiations with management, pricing structures and funding arrangements, financial and operational due diligence, valuations – as well as ongoing compliance support, in particular providing continuity of audit and taxation services for European subsidiaries of BDO China clients.
The Desk and the BDO firms in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have a network of excellent local connections, and are also available to support companies with aspirations in other South East Asian countries.

For information on the Chinese Provinces and their main industries, please click here

For a list of all Europe - China desk contacts, please see below.


Ruifeng Funffrock - France ruifeng.funffrock@bdo.fr ​+ 33 (0) 1 70 61 25 89
​Yijiang Zhang - Germany yijiang.zhang@bdo.de ​+ 49 (0) 89 76906 363
Jingya Tian – Luxembourg jingya.tian@bdo.lu       ​+ 352 (0) 45 123 473
Alain Lam – Luxembourg alain.lam@bdo.lu + 352 (0) 45 123 894
Chi Kiu Chung - Netherlands​ chi.kiu.chung@bdo.nl ​+ 31 (0) 20 363 4326
Janet Cheung - Netherlands​ janet.cheung@bdo.nl ​+ 31 (0) 13 59 40 202
Kim Hayward - UK​ kim.hayward@bdo.co.uk  ​+ 44 (0) 238 088 1897
​Ann Zadmehr - UK ann.zadmehr@bdo.co.uk ​+ 44 (0) 207 893 2608
​Jingru Liu - UK jingru.liu@bdo.co.uk ​+ 44 (0) 207 893 2218
​Daisy Sloman - UK (Administrator) daisy.z.sloman@bdo.co.uk ​+ 44 (0) 207 893 3342


EU-China Desk: EU and China reached agreement on investment

End 2020, the EU and China concluded in principle the negotiations for a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI). China has committed to a greater level of market access for EU investors than ever before, including some new important market openings. China is also making commitments to ensure fair treatment for EU companies so they can compete on a better level playing field in China, including in terms of disciplines for state owned enterprises, transparency of subsidies and rules against the forced transfer of technologies. For the first time, China has also agreed to ambitious provisions on sustainable development, including commitments on forced labour and the ratification of the relevant International Labour Organization's (ILO’s) fundamental Conventions.

The Agreement aims to create a better balance in the EU-China trade relationship, and perpetuate their mutually beneficial business relationship. This agreement will rebalance the economic flows with China. The CAI is hugely important for both Europe and China amidst global geopolitical influence repositioning. Not only will European business have unprecedented business opportunities, but the new investment deal will also help to accelerate Chinese business activity in Europe over the coming years.

Overcoming obstacles
For companies on either side, doing business in another continent continues to be a challenge.  Differences in local regulatory and professional standards, (a lack of) a suitable due diligence process and proper planning have often been detrimental to some investment actions in the past.