• Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score

It is important to know what our clients think of us, because to be truly credible in our claim to be leaders in delivering exceptional service and to continue to improve our service delivery, we need to be able to report on the service experience of our client base. That’s why a few years ago we implemented a global Net Promoter Score (NPS) programme.

NPS is a well-known foundation-level client satisfaction framework that provides effective and comparable metrics and in BDO we’re using it to complement our existing client satisfaction programmes. As a truly independent measure, it is widely recognised as a reliable source of information about clients’ perception and appreciation of BDO. Our global programme is customised for use by all our firms, however large or small they are, and wherever they are in the world.

A large number of our firms are participating in our global Net Promoter Score (NPS) programme, resulting in 2017 in an aggregate global NPS score of 51*. 

*Score as of 3 January 2018